For your viewing pleasure, we expect over 50 artists to display 1,000 pieces in the art show. Come see it. Vote for the People’s Choice Award. You can even buy art and take it home with you


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     I'm Bruce M. Miller. I've worked on conventions every year since 1977. I first specialized in hotel liaison, Ops, and treasury, but eventually shifted to doing art shows, where I've mostly stuck. I've run shows for Genghis Con, MileHiCon, Origins, Westercon, Worldcon, World Horror, and more - usually in conjunction with Cheryl Sundseth. You may know us as ABCs (Another Bruce & Cheryl show), or might know me for the statistics filled post-show letters I send out, or for the parrots I bring to conventions.

     Please watch our email lists, or you can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Art Show Committee

Bruce Miller
Sandy Diersing
David Luperti
Robert Pechmann



Worldcon 2008 Denver - Photo supplied by Bruce Miller