Hello from the Game Department for Westercon 72, NASFiC 2019, and 1632 Minicon!



     We aim to create a fun, relaxing environment for everyone. We strive for people of all ages to feel encouraged and welcome to participate. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner at games or have been rolling dice for 50 years. Our gaming staff will create a great experience for anyone who attends our convention and wanders into our gaming department.

     This Game Department encourages the social aspect through various forms of gaming and the experience of trying new games. We hope that everyone attending meets new friends, has stimulating conversations, and discovers the joy of connecting that comes with playing.


Guest Game Masters

Some of our guests and panelists have requested to run games throughout the weekend.

  • That information to be posted soon!


Special Gaming Events

Shadowrun Missions

Shadowrun Mission Logo 1

So what is the CDT and what’s our deal? Well, scan this: we’re offering anyone with enough nerve the chance to earn some serious cred and build their rep by running in some of the meanest back alleys and assorted insanity the Sixth World has to offer.  Not sure what that means, or even what a shadowrunner is? Well that’s chill omae, we’re nice enough to help you build yourself up and even give you a first taste of what you’ll deal with on a ‘run. Be you a chromed-out ork street samurai, a mojo-slinging dwarf magician, the elven face to pretty to hit, or something in-between, everyone has to start somewhere. And if you haven’t bugged out after that, our dedicated team of professionals may have just the mission for you. So if you got the spine for it, now you know where to find us.

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Vampire:The Masquerade

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A role-playing game where the players play as Vampires roaming a world unseen by mortal eyes. Some are struggling to hold onto their humanity the best they can. While others shed their mortal coil like and old, restrictive vice. Which are you?

The world we will be running in is much like that of The Crow, Underworld, Resident Evil, Dark City, and Hellboy. Character creation is simple.

  • Player Limit: 6
  • Time Frame: 3 to 5 hours



Alien Hunger


A “one shot” campaign great for beginners to the game and still fascinating to those who’ve played for years too. In this story, players find themselves turned into vampires by a crazed scientist. They must learn to adapt to their new (un)lives or go mad from the changes. Character creation is simple.

  • Player Limit: 6
  • Time Frame: 3 to 5 hours




Learn to Play & Challenge Me

Members of the game department staff will choose a variety of games they enjoy for Spikecon attendees to choose from and either learn to play that game or challenge the staff member to that game.

This is excellent for those attendees with little time between panels, but would like to participate in Spikecon’s Game Department. The majority of these games last 10-30 minutes.

Learn to Play



For those who've never really ventured into a game department of conventions. Come learn a quick game and maybe make a friend too.


Starr FluxxChallenge Me

Challenge the staff member's skills at these games.

 – Win the “Challenge Me” and you will get to choose a sweet treat from our winner's basket!



 Spikecon Tournaments

(Check back often for tournament additions and updates)

Magic the Gathering

We have several Magic the Gathering tournaments and events scheduled for SpikeCon.



  • Basic Wizards of the Coast rulings and banlist.
  • 1 vs 1
  • 1 Round



Pre Made MTGPre-Made

How good are you at Magic the Gathering? Can you take any deck… Any card… And win with it? This tournament is a very good chance for you to test your skill with a deck you know nothing about against a deck your opponent knows nothing about!

  • Players will be handed a pre-built deck.
  • They will then play the tournament with that deck.
  • 1 vs 1
  • Best out of 3 wins


Tanto Cuore

Tanto Cuare


Hire maids to work your mansion. Love them sweetly. Beware though! Some of these maids will teach others bad habits!


Tanto 2




  • 2 Rounds
  • 4 Players per Table
  • Game ends when 2 Piles General Maids are empty


Heart of Crown

Heart of the CrownThe king has died and someone must succeed him. You want that person to be your princess… at all costs!


  • 4 Players per Table
  • 2 Piles General Maids
  • First to 20
  • If tied, first person to 30



Other Scheduled Games of Note






MTG Sheriff


 Magic the Gathering - Format: Sheriff




 Kamigami Battles



Dynamite Nurse


Dynamite Nurse 




Magic the Gathering - Shadowrun - Tanto Cuore - Barbarossa - Dynamite Nurse - Kamigami Battles - Pathfinder - Vampire the Masquerade (oWoD) - Settlers of Catan - Cards Against Humanity (after 11pm)

…. With so much more yet to be determined including charity events to be announced as we get closer.