Game Descriptions and Information


Barbarossa  (DB)  Ages 13+

     You are part of a fictional army invading a fictional Russia. You get to use Airdrops, Dynamite, Grenades, and big black Tanks!

Cards Against Humanity  (DG)  Ages 18+ Only

     Everyone gets 10 white cards to choose an answer to the black card being read aloud. However, the answers are ridiculous and sometimes downright offensive.

  • Players MUST be 18+

Dynamite Nurse  (DB)  Ages 16+

     You run a hospital where you are taking in patients as they are shuttled via ambulance. However, your hospital only has so much room and, at times, you must turn patients away. That patient may die in the process. At which time, you will earn a kill marker… and become the dynamite nurse at the same time.… or you could make it look like the next hospital killed them. I mean, accidents happen all the time. Right?

Heart of Crown  (DB)  Ages 13+

     The king has died and someone must succeed him. You want that person to be your princess… at all costs!

Magic the Gathering  (CCG)  Ages 13+

     In Magic the Gathering, each player is a wizard battling each other for control of the magical realms. Using a deck made of spells chosen from the 5 colors of the magical world, these wizards cast and summon till their opponent is defeated.

Magic the Gathering - EDH/Commander  (CCG)  Ages 13+

     Players choose a creature card that is their “Commander”, then build a 99 card deck around that chosen card. Except for basic land, these decks cannot have duplicate cards.

Magic the Gathering - Modern  (CCG)  Ages 13+


Tanto Cuore  (DB)  Ages 13+

     You are the master of a large mansion. You must hire maids to work your mansion. Your love motivates them to work. Beware though! Some of these maids will teach others bad habits!

Vampire the Masquerade - 5th Edition  (RPG)  Ages 18+

     A role-playing game where the players play as Vampires roaming a world unseen by mortal eyes. Some are struggling to hold onto their humanity the best they can. While others shed their mortal coil like and old, restrictive vice. Which are you?

The world we will be running in is much like that of The Crow, Underworld, Resident Evil, Dark City, and Hellboy. Character creation is simple.

  • Player Limit: 6
  • Time Frame: 3 to 5 hours

Vampire the Masquerade - Alien Hunger  (RPG)  Ages 18+

     A “one shot” campaign great for beginners to Vampire the Masquerade yet fascinating to those who’ve played for years too. In this story, players find themselves turned into vampires by a crazed scientist. They must learn to adapt to their new (un)lives or go mad from the changes. Character creation is simple.

  • Player Limit: 6
  • Time Frame: 3 to 5 hours