After Registration - Meetings at the Con

     There are a few meetings that happen during the convention where you can gain additional help, rehearse, meet the Tech Crew, and learn about what happens the Day of the Masquerade.

Mandatory Contestants’ Meeting
     - When: 09:00 a.m. MDT on Saturday, July 6th, 2019.

     - Where: Stratus 5 by the Masquerade Registration Desk in the Horizon Lobby of the Davis Conference Center. 

     - Check-In Confirmation: ALL ENTRIES MUST ATTEND THE MANDATORY CONTESTANTS’ MEETING to check-in for last-minute questions or new information. (For group entries there must be at least one representative and all forms signed) 

     - Deadline for Forms: Anyone who has NOT yet signed a release form (or had a parent/guardian sign a release form, if a minor) MUST attend this meeting and sign their form.

Mandatory Tech Rehearsal
     - When: Individually scheduled between 2:30 pm - 5:50 pm on Saturday, July 6th, 2019.

    - Where: The main stage which shall be listed at registration and in your program books at the convention.

     - Practice with our MC, Tech Crew, and Stage Manager on the actual stage pre-masquerade.  

     - Assignments/Slots are selected at the Masquerade Registration desk for 8-minute slots on Saturday. 

     - For safety and coordination of this event, you must choose and attend a Tech Rehearsal on stage. This will be your only scheduled “official” rehearsal time.     

     - You should bring all persons appearing onstage or helping with your entry.
          * Costume items in the dominant color or pattern
          * Any props used on stage, especially if they need to be pre-set or struck after your presentation is over
          * Any part of your costume that is large or heavy, if at all possible
          * Any mask or costume part that will limit your vision
          * Footwear that you will be wearing on stage (very important! If you have slipping issues, you need to know!)

     - NEVER surprise the crew. ALWAYS surprise the audience if possible. We will help you achieve these goals - hopefully without incident. 

No one will be allowed to present on stage if they have not rehearsed with our crews. 

Day after the Masquerade
     - When: Sunday, July 7th at 12:45 p.m. MDT. Please confirm time and location when you check in

     - Purpose: Sunday Panel - “Behind the Seams of the Masquerade”

     - Description: Our Masquerade contestants and staff welcome everyone to learn a little more “behind the seams” details about the previous night’s Masquerade competition.  This is a chance to hear how some of the costumes and props were made, and any special tips or tricks. We will also discuss the differences required for a presentation on the main stage as opposed to film or a hall costume.

     - You are encouraged to wear or bring your costume, or parts and talk about your creative process. Photos may be taken in the panel.

     - The judges, crew and other staff may be available to answer general questions about the show and address any issues that may have come up. Judges will only answer individual entry questions when asked by the entrant, privately. 

     - You can retrieve your documentation and/or audio at this panel (otherwise, please drop by the Masquerade Desk in the Horizon Lobby on Sunday to retrieve them before you leave the convention.) 

    -  When the Official Photographer is ready, they will make their photographs available for sale. We hope the details can be announced at this presentation.

     - Feedback Notes or Questions? especially notes for the masquerade staff are welcome during this panel. 

Thank you very much for your participation!!