Day of the Masquerade

The Masquerade Green Room
     The Masquerade Green Room is where contestants check in before the Masquerade, are given their presentation order and organized into “dens” with “den parents”, have Workmanship Judging done, and can access repair supplies for last-minute simple repairs.

     - When: Saturday, July 6, at 5:30 p.m., 1.5 hours before the show starts to accommodate Workmanship Judging time slots. 

     - Where: Stratus 5 by the Masquerade Registration Desk in the Horizon Lobby of the Davis Conference Center. 

     - To compete in the Masquerade, your entire group MUST be in the Masquerade Green Room by 5:50 p.m. and checked-in at the table inside. This allows everyone to be marked in and ready by 6:15 p.m. before the doors open at 6:30 p.m. for audience seating.  

     - The Presentation Order for the show should be posted inside the Masquerade Green Room when you arrive. 

    - Minor Aged Participants (Young Fans), will be sharing the space with the adults. We will make assignments in the room to group Young Fans together. A parent or legal guardian is required to accompany a minor in this room at all times.

     - Stitch Bay will be located in Stratus 5 with the Masquerade Green Room. Please don't abuse this privilege. Stitch Bay will have ironing boards, a sewing machine and items to help almost any costume repairs needed. This is provided by the Royal Manticoran Navy Fan Group. 

     - Food and Drink in the room is limited by budget and policies of the Davis Conference Center (DCC). We are hoping to have some non-messy snack food and drinks. There will be a water station in the room, a snack stop hosted by the DCC just outside the door, or food is available in the consuite of the Hilton Garden Inn.

     - Please eat before you arrive to check-in. Self-care and timing will be very important! Messy or dripping food items can accidentally damage your costume or someone else’s, so keep them outside. There is no outside food or drink allowed in the Masquerade Green Room. 

     - Public Intoxication, Impairment and Imbibing is not allowed in the DCC nor in the Masquerade Event Process. Masquerade staff have the right to scratch an entry from competition for violating this request, and you will not be allowed to present on stage.

Re: Workmanship Judging in the Green Room
     Judging is handled in the order they were signed up online, then at the Masquerade Registration desk before the show. If you did not sign up beforehand, your judging must happen after the assigned slots, and likely during the show itself. Please sign-up early so you don't have to wait until after your presentation. 

     The Workmanship Judges will want to see the best part of your entry and talk to you personally. Let these judges know what you are most proud of in your costume and/or props, and how you made your costume. Again, documentation of your costume source and/or construction process is preferred. 

Re: 'Dens' and 'Den Parents'
     You will be assigned a “Den” and given over to the care of your Den Parent. If you need anything, please let them know.

     It is their responsibility to:

  • Ensure that you appear for the Workmanship Judges (if you so choose).
  • Make sure you are lined up in the right order and on time to make your best entrance.
  • Help make sure you are photographed by the Official Masquerade Photographer.
  • Take care of your needs like hold your eyeglasses and convention badges while you are on stage.

     We hope to have a live feed of the show in the Masquerade Green Room. It is there to provide feedback to the team and allow entrants to see what’s on stage during down time.

     - There will be Stage Crew AKA “Stage Ninjas” (people in black) at the entrance and exit of the stage. They can help you with a hand up, move your props onto or off the stage, and help prevent you from falling off the stage. They may catch you if you fall, but please don’t!

     - Tell them how much assistance you need. The more assistance you need, the earlier they need to know. If you have big props, let them know at your Tech Rehearsal, and note it in your registration information. That way, we’ll have the right people there to help you, at the right time.

     - Please take the safety aspect of being on stage seriously. The Stage Crew are stationed at key points to try to stop you from stepping off the stage by mistake. Do not run, skip, jump, or dance so fast they can't help you. YOU are responsible for your own safety.

     - The Master of Ceremony (MC) will be introduced to start the show. The MC will then introduce the judges and explain the Division System, before any presentations start.

     - Young Fans go first in the competition then remain backstage following their turns. All presentation rules still apply.

     - Young Fan recognitions will be awarded before the adults’ entries start. After the Young Fan awards are presented, they can visit Fan Photography, go to bed, watch from the audience, or return to the convention at large under parent and/or guardian supervision. 

     - The remaining participants will follow in the order listed on the presentation schedule in the Masquerade Green Room. 

     - After your presentation, your Den Parent will take your group or den to the optional Fan Photography area to be designated at the rehearsal.

Post Stage Note: After getting your picture taken you can return to the Green Room, hang out in the Lobby, or return to watch the Masquerade. Please be available somewhere in the general vicinity - you're not done yet!

     - Halftime/Judges’ Deliberations happens after the contestants have appeared onstage, in order to allow the judges adequate time for deliberations.

     - Awards will be given when the judges are ready. Workmanship Awards will be given at the same time as Presentation Awards. You may be called back more than once or asked to remain on stage to receive different awards.

     - Don’t worry about wearing your whole costume for award acceptance, but remember that we’re a PG-13 show. Be comfortable and come onto and leave the stage easily and quickly.

       Awards will be announced by the award name, and given in order by the Novice, Journeyman, then Open Divisions. The final award in a Division will be the Best in Division (if there is one). The final awards in the show will be (if applicable) the Best in Show for Workmanship, and Best in Show for Presentation, or a combined Best in Show award for the two categories to a single entry. 

     - When called on stage for an award, please approach the person handing out the awards and then form a line near the back of the stage until the final awards for your Division are called. You will be recognized as a group, then allowed to leave the stage with the rest of the winners for that Division.

Photography and Videotaping
     Participation in the Masquerade constitutes consent to be photographed by the Judges’ Photographer and the Official Photographer. There will be Judges’ Photography, Official Photography and Fan Photography scheduled.

Spikecon Photo & Recording Policy

     - Judges’ Photos are to provide the judges with a reminder of your costume during their deliberations. These photos may be shared by the Masquerade staff only for their personal use.

     - Official Photos will be taken in the Masquerade Green Room with professional lights and in full costume. They will be available to you and others for sale after the event.

     - Fan Photos will be taken by fans and possibly pros who have signed up to take posed photos of entries in a designated area. You may choose to not participate in Fan or Random Photography moments.

     - Please make your own arrangements with any Fan photographer you wish. The convention and masquerade team are not able to act in a personal capacity for you. Remember, Fan photos sometimes appear on the ICG website and in ICG slide shows or on public websites. 

     - NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY from the audience is allowed during the Masquerade. Viewers will be ejected from the room if they take flash pictures from the audience.

     - We will be videotaping the full Masquerade, and may broadcast the event live during the Masquerade to additional locations in the Davis Conference Center (DCC).

PLEASE NOTE: Participation in the Masquerade constitutes consent to be videotaped and to have that footage broadcast and distributed as described: The video will be preserved and shared with the ICG Archivist, and may be sold after the convention. We will send an email to you and/or your group’s primary contact when and if the video is for sale at a later date.

     - We expect non-flash photos/videos will be taken by audience members, reporters for the Spikecon newsletter, and outside press in the audience that may appear in publications or online. We cannot reasonably restrict the use of such photos or videos.