Masquerade Registration, Safety Requirements & Weapons Policy

You (or at least one of your group), MUST check in at the Masquerade Desk at the convention as soon as possible to receive your information packet and release forms, submit documentation and audio, etc.

Dates and Locations
     - Registrations will be accepted through our online form, or on-site at the Masquerade Desk at Spikecon until 6pm Friday, July 5, 2019. 

     - The Masquerade Registration Desk will be located at the Davis Conference Center in the Horizon Lobby near Stratus Rooms and Author Signing. (Maps and exact location will be at the convention Registration Desk and in your program book or online scheduler.)

     - Desk Hours are Thursday, July 4th, from 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.; Friday, July 5th, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; and Saturday, July 6th, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. 

 Once You Arrive
     - Register if you have not done so already.

      - Groups are recommended to check in together if possible. The Masquerade will be limited to 20 slots, including childrens entries. Only one representative is required to check in, but ALL members of an entry group (including your personal Stage Crew) must sign release forms to turn in at the desk or by the Mandatory Contestants’ Meeting - see our 'Convention Meetings' section. 

     - You will get release forms, information packets, badge ribbons (for entry to participant areas) and more once you check in. 

     - Sign up for your Tech Rehearsal Slot (required)

      - Workmanship Judging time slots are available if your entry is competing in the Workmanship Category. 

Note on Release Forms: They MUST be signed in the presence of Masquerade Staff. A parent or legal guardian MUST sign for anyone appearing onstage under the age of 18 at the time of the show. NO ONE, entrant or crew, will be allowed on stage without a signed release form.

What You Bring
     - Your registration information

     - Costume construction documentation for Workmanship Judging or to augment Presentation Judging. (Early submitted documentation is the best way to assist the judges.)

     - Presentation AUDIO files (please see Presentation Audio under “Before the Convention”)

     - Any questions you might have, which our staff will answer to the best of our ability. 

 Logistical Restrictions and Safety Requirements
     1- The convention is family-friendly - Masquerade entries should be at most PG-13.

     2- Local and State laws apply. You must be street-legal; “no costume” is not a costume.

     3- No open flame, sparks, or other pyrotechnics will be allowed. However, if you are a dragon, plenty of fake/safe flame is welcome.

     4- Don't design your entry to depend on complex lighting. We will be working with tech to provide the best, most sophisticated support we can, but fancy tech equipment is one of the things that often falls to budget cuts.

     5- If you have a lighted costume or prop, all power and lights must be in self-contained, non-corrosive containers. Our crew is not certified to handle corrosive, poisonous or other leaking hazards. Use batteries; you will not have access to electrical power on stage.

     6- Do not construct or decorate with anything messy, smelly, or slimy. Liquids, viscous, or drippy materials including bubbles, steam, smoke, or mists, may not be spilled, poured, squirted, thrown or projected during a presentation.

     7- Do not leave trash on the stage including items like confetti, streamers, beads, Silly String, feathers, etc. A limited number of non-messy prop pieces are OKAY if they can be quickly and easily collected by the Stage Crew/Ninjas. 

     8- Do not throw anything into the audience!!

     9- Wireless remote-controlled devices are discouraged. It would be a shame to base your entry on something that may not work or have interference from other signals. In turn, your device might interfere with the Tech Crew’s equipment.

Weapons Policy
     Real and prop weapons and weapon-like props intended to be worn with costumes in the halls are subject to the Spikecon Weapons Policy.

     1- The Masquerade Director must approve the use of any actual weapons, or items that could be mistaken for actual weapons in the Masquerade. Both real and crafted fantasy or recreation weapons are considered weapons for the purposes of this discussion. 

     2- Any item resembling an actual weapon must be concealed or wrapped when transported to and from both the Masquerade rehearsal, and the Masquerade proper.

     3- When registering for the Masquerade, please include a clear description of the weapon and what you intend to do with it during your presentation.

     4- Absolutely NO functional firearms, even unloaded. Period. Trigger locks do not apply as non-functional. 

     5- Any special effects and weapons (including props and live steel), and how you plan to wield them MUST be approved by Tech, the Stage/Weapons Master, and the Masquerade Director before the competition. The best time to do this is before rehearsal, so that we can schedule enough time to ensure that your weapon effects will work, and see a demonstration of the weapon use in your presentation. 

     6- ALL weapons/weapon-like props must follow these guidelines:
          a- No object may be fired or thrown onto the stage or into the audience
          b- No heavy object may be dropped onto the stage or into the audience
          c- All edges must be dulled
          d- If you are wielding a weapon/weapon-like prop in a vigorous manner, you may be requested to secure it to your person via a wrist loop, or in some other manner so it cannot fly into the audience if it slips from your grasp.

     7- Items that are flammable, odorous, or unreasonably noisy are also considered to be weapons and must be cleared with the Masquerade Director.

     8- Costumers will have to demonstrate that they understand the appropriate safe use of any weapons planned for their presentation. Refusal will lead to disqualification if, in the Masquerade Director’s opinion, the unrehearsed use can endanger any members or volunteers of the convention. 

     9- The Masquerade Director reserves the right to disqualify any entry that is deemed problematic for any reason.