Stitch Bay Shoulder Patch
  • Did your Superhero spandex split a seam in an unmentionable place? Heaven Forbid!! 
  • Did your Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator discombobulate and need repairs? This shouldn't make you angry, very angry at all!!
  • Did your space mission coveralls lose the mission patches and no one knows who you are? This is not a mission failure!!
  • Did your Pixie lose the pom-pom's off her sparklie shoes? Don't worry, we can put the fairy dust back in her step!!

     Who are we? Magic fingers? Material Wizards? Magicians with handy glue guns? Mystical gurus with traveling sewing machines and threads the colors of the rainbow? Why, yes, we are!
     Who we are is STITCH BAY, here to help support all cosplayers enjoy their con experience. So don't fret that the Stormtroopers stepped on your dress and tore a seam, bring it to us, and we will do our level best to get you fixed up and back onto your next adventure!

     Come see us at Stitch Bay, TRMN's premium Cosplay Recovery Lounge. Stitch Bay is run by The Bureau of Planning, a department of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association inc.