North American Science Fiction Convention - NASFiC

     NASFiC is the North American Science Fiction Convention. A NASFiC is held only in years when the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) is held outside of North America. For this purpose, “North America” includes the United States of America (including Hawaii) and Canada, as well as the other countries and territories that make up the continent of North America. Since the 2019 Worldcon will be held in Dublin, Ireland, in August 2019, Utah bid and won the right to hold a NASFiC.

     Both the Worldcon and the NASFiC are run by independent groups who bid for the right to host the convention and follow the World Science Fiction Society’s rules as laid out in its Constitution (which can be found at These rules include the right to vote for the Hugo Awards. Site Selection is voted upon by those members of the current Worldcon who pay an Advance Membership Fee that then goes to whichever bid wins the election.

A list of previously held NASFiCs can be found at

Utah for 2019 won the right to host NASFiC by members voting from the 76th Worldcon in San Jose, California. The results were:

2019-2020 Site Selection Results : 2019 NASFiC

Candidate/ Total
Utah / 171
Bristol / 1 
Minneapolis in '73 / 1
Olive Country / 1 
Xmas in Boston 2020 / 1 
None of the Above / 7
Total With Preference / 182
Needed to Elect (Majority) / 92
No Preference / 10
Total Votes Cast / 192

What does this have to do with Westercon 72, NASFiC 2019, 1632 Minicon, & Manticon 2019 (Spikecon)?

     As a NASFiC, Spikecon joins fandom around the world and strives to follow the guidelines of the WSFS Constitution and Worldcon best practices to solidify a safe and fun experience for our members.