North American Science Fiction Convention 2019  (NASFiC) 
Guest of Honor - Laurell K. Hamilton 


LKH Author Picture hi res

     Laurell K. Hamilton is the author of the No.1 New York Times-bestselling Anita Blake series that has sold millions of copies worldwide and created the market for sexy paranormal fiction.

Anita’s world is ours except that all the creatures of horror, myth and legend are real and mainstreamed into society – one peopled with monsters who were all too human and humans who turned out to be the biggest monsters of all. Anita navigates the mysteries of this world while dispensing justice and living a life that could best be described as non-conventional.

Laurell has published forty-five books and novels, including the bestselling Meredith Gentry series, as well as short stories and novellas. She has written in the Star Trek universe and in the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons.

Along with her husband, Jonathon Green, she oversaw the adaptations of her Anita series into comics and graphic novels that were published by Marvel.

Laurell is a resident of St. Louis and supports many charities and links to local groups dedicated to helping animals in need and protecting the natural world.


 Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Books

Guilty Pleasures      (1993)
The Laughing Corpse      (1994)
Circus of the Damned      (1995)
The Lunatic Cafe     (1996)
Bloody Bones     (1996)
The Killing Dance     (1997)
Burnt Offerings     (1998)
Blue Moon     (1998)
Obsidian Butterfly     (2000)
Narcissus in Chains     (2001)
Cerulean Sins     (2003)
Incubus Dreams     (2004)
Micah     (2006)
Danse Macabre     (2006)
The Harlequin     (2007)
Blood Noir     (2008)
Skin Trade     (2009)
Flirt     (2010(
Bullet     (2010)
Hit List     (2011)
Kiss the Dead     (2012)
Affliction     (2013)
Jason     (2014)
Dead Ice     (2015)
Crimson Death     (2016)
Serpentine     (2018)

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Short Stories

Beauty     (2012)
Dancing     (2013)
Wounded     (2016)

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Collections

Strange Candy     (2006)

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Graphic Novels

The First Death     (2007)
Guilty Pleasures     (2008)
The Laughing Corpse     (2010)

Anita Blake: Circus Of The Damned Graphic Novels

The Charmer     (2011)
The Ingenue     (2011)
The Scoundrel     (2012)

Merry Gentry Books

A Kiss of Shadows     (2000)
A Caress of Twilight     (2002)
Seduced by Moonlight     (2004)
A Stroke of Midnight     (2005)
Mistral's Kiss     (2006)
A Lick of Frost     (2007)
Swallowing Darkness     (2008)
Divine Misdemeanors     (2009)
A Shiver of Light     (2014)

Other Works

Bite     (2005)

Nightseer     (1992)

Star Trek TNG: Nightshade     (1992)

Death of a Darklord     (1995)


Participated Anthologies 

Out of this World     (2001)

Cravings      (2004)

Never After      (2009)