Utah Fandom Organization Local Artist - Newton Ewell

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Newton Ewell     Newton Ewell entered this world in October 1962, in St. Louis, MO.  From that point, he was a creator in search of the right knowledge and technology to bring his dreams to life.  he knew it could be done; the question was HOW to do it. 

     Newton always wanted to be a starship engineer. From childhood, he was obsessed with SF hardware.  His love affair with mecha began at age 3, all thanks to a man named Gerry Anderson. His shows Fireball XL-5 and Stingray cemented Newton’s obsession with all things mechanical.  As he grew older, that love was only deepened by Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, UFO and Space: 1999.  Meanwhile, Newton was getting a taste of the Japanese side of things with shows like Prince Planet, Astroboy, and Speed Racer.  Additionally, He became a tokusatsu fan through the likes of Ultraman, Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot (GIANT ROBO), and The Space Giants (MAGMA TAISHI).

     This exposure to visual hard science fiction had a profound and damaging effect - a burning desire to make this kind of stuff and get paid to do it.  Newton Ewell was determined to learn and teach himself how, which he ended up doing. This also helped him co-found an anime group – JASFA, out of the DC area - to satisfy his lust for mecha anime.

NE2     The result has been a career as an illustrator, conceptual and production designer, and mechanical design contributor to a number of RPGs.  Later, this experience helped Newton transition to videogames, and back to RPG publications. He does both traditional and digital artwork, from pencils to 3D animation.  Newton looks forward to working with games companies on many future projects, in both the fantasy, SF and horror genres.

     In the meantime, Newton has numerous commissioned projects, and returned to illustrating RPGs.  The field has gone from a dream for the future to a full, present-day reality. Excited to see where the work leads and what opportunities lay ahead, it’s time to create, build on one’s passions and be seen and heard.

     “We live in a time where whole worlds can be created in your home computer and on your drawing board.  Master this magic, and make your dreams come true!” - Newton Ewell



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