Due to real life job issues, Tim the GM is unable to join us in July. He sends his sincere regrets, and has given the committee some contacts who will be willing to come and expand our experience in his stead. Once we settle the replacement we will make a press release. - Kate Hatcher 





Westercon 72 Gaming Guest of Honor - The GM Tim M.


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     Tim M. aka The GM Tim is a professional Game Master (GM), author and podcaster who hails from Vancouver Canada. As a contributor to the podcast network “The Commentist”, Tim participates in two of their podcasts, Loose Endz (Live play Dungeons & Dragons) and Skyfire Comics (Live play ICONs), and starting with season 4 the network’s flagship podcast Roll to Hit as the GM. He can also be seen bringing his own brand of Theater of the Mind gaming to “The Dice Guys” on Twitch in their Star Wars Edge of the Empire Game, Bacta the Future. When not streaming he runs games locally for hire with programs like DM & Dine, where a group can hire out a DM for the night and enjoy the local fare during a game and maintains his site http://thegmtim.ca/

     As a professional GM, The GM Tim has become a go to panelist and RPG Judge at GenCon, Winter Fantasy, and Goblins II Golems. He is an advocate for breaking down the aged beliefs and stereotypes associated with RPGs. As the Tabletop/RPG Coordinator for GaymerX West, and organizer of Quests & Queers (an LGBTQA2+ Game Night) Tim champions the belief that gaming should bring everyone together regardless of race, gender identification, and political views.

     Tim helped grow the Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League as a Regional Coordinator. This year The GM Tim will be spending time in France for D&D in a Castle (http://dndinacastle.com) among other great Game Masters such as Jeremy Crawford, Elisa Teague, and Ruty Rutenberg. (He was also invited back next year!)

At Westercon 72 Tim will be bringing all his experience and passion to every table. You can find him on his website, http://thegmtim.ca or @thegmtim on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook Page.

 Snapchat 951296918