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Davis Conference Center
1651 North 700 West
Layton, Utah 84041


     Welcome to Utah's premier event facility conveniently attached to Spikecon's main hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn. The Davis Conference Center (DCC), nestled in Layton, has 16-20 function rooms. It hosted the Utah Steampunk Convention and continues to be home to Utah's Anime Banzai which has an average of over 3,000 in attendance.

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     The Davis Conference Center is easy access just down the hall from the main hotel with everything central on one level. Two large parking lots with free parking are right outside with over 600 uncovered spaces. The DCC has high speed internet, projectors and LCD flat panels outside of meeting rooms listing events and agendas.  Two 85-foot-tall towers at the entrance are mounted with LED light strips that indicate future weather forecasts, and have display lights for when a convention is happening. 


 hall3 c8f2c2a9c94dfbb55204a72f6b9f6198472df99248c3d3ccc0fa8eb33f474888   A signature feature of the DCC are two break stations selling coffee, fresh pastries, fountain and bottled drinks, chips, snacks and more in the heart of the convention. This allows attendees to purchase small needed snacks or drinks in between events or planned meals. Just outside the east hallway is a red brick courtyard that opens to the patio of Farenheit Lounge in the Hilton Garden Inn, and the main suite (consuite) planned a simple 30 feet from the doors in the attached hotel.  



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     Imagine a quiet mountain-view destination with sizeable rooms, spacious hallways, and state of the art technology which the Utah Fandom Organization has chosen to combine Westercon 72, NASFiC 2019 and 1632 Minicon into one event.

Everything is easy to access, one level, and open for us to enjoy the weekend. 




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